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Our Infant Rooms

Ages 6 weeks - 2 years old
In our infant rooms we work with each tiny human to enhance their development.  Some children expereince their first foods with us, while some are just learning to walk and talk! Each child is supported in exploring art, outdoor adventures, songs, books, and more. By creating a soothing, home-like setting, babies are more at ease to accomplish their developmental milestones!
Our Preschool
Our Toddler Rooms

Ages 2-3

Our toddler classrooms offer a fun, educationaly enhanced space for your child to rock the "terrible twos"! We meet each child at their own indvidual development and work to encrouage their growth and advancement through play! At this stage we work on potty training, expanding their vocabularies, letter and number recognition, shapes, colors and so much more!

                       Ages 3-6

Our preschool classrooms partner with their local school districts to offer publicly funded preschool. We use VT Early Standards, TSG and ASQs to create a rich academic environment to help children achieve their educational goals.  Each lesson planned is carefully thought out to meet Pre-Kindergarten goals.  These goals include writing their names, and letters, self-help skills, building relationships, word recognition and number practice. We work closely with the school disctrics to get services and follow through with IEPs for children who are need academic support.

Our School Age Room
(Brookline only)

                       Ages 5-10

Our school age classroom runs before and after school or full time during school vacations. We offer a variety of activities, including homework support, STEM, water play, sports, field trips, arts and crafts, and so much more!

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