About Us

Little Peanuts in Springfield started in 1999 as a home-based child care. In 2001, we became a licensed center when our Chester Rd center opened. In 2006, we were awarded three-star by the STEP Ahead program. We are now a Five-star NAEYC Accredited program with two locations, one in Springfield and a second center in Ascutney that opened in 2014. Little Peanuts is also a preschool partner with Springfield School District, Bellows Falls, Two Rivers Supervisory Union, and Windsor South East Supervisory Union.



Our Philosphy

       Our philosophy at Little Peanuts is to nurture and educate children using research based methods. We believe that children need a sense of security, helping when in need of guidance, and the knowledge that when everything else around them is changing- a provider will be there.

        Our program is influenced by early childhood philosophers such as Erik Erikson, Piaget, and Vygotsky, The Center on Social and Emotional Foundations of Early Learning (CSEFELS), Responsive Classroom and Second Step a violence prevention curriculum. We believe, as Piaget did, that children go through stages in their development. Our job as providers is to support children in the stage that they are in, pushing them along can sometimes prolong the process. We believe that children learn from their peers and adults. Social interaction is a key element in 

our facility. We use second step to teach children positive social skills such as fair ways to play, how to enter a group and problem solving skills. We communicate our philosophy through both our indoor and outdoor environments. 

Our atmosphere is calm and cheerful, welcoming play and social interaction. We setup our classrooms according to creative curriculum. This means that our classrooms are set up in centers. We have home living area, dramatic play, block area, tabletop toys, music, discovery area, art area, technology and library. These centers encourage learning. We believe that children learn many things from books, therefore we have books in all of the centers and often spend time reading to children. There are many opportunities to experience the outdoors on a daily basis. Our playground is used for recess and provides lots of space for running and playing. We garden with the children each year and take advantage of every opportunity to spend time enjoying nature. We are always growing and changing as a center, as our children grow and change. We recognize that each family is diverse and we welcome you to influence the growth and change of our center. Our doors are always open and we encourage your family to feel at home here.

As of 2018 Suzy's Little Peanuts became NAEYC accredited in both centers with a five star rating. 

Rated Five Stars 
Naeyc Accreditation
2019 Top Rated Vermont Day School